Michael Knap

W2019: Theoretical Solid State Physics

This course provides a modern introduction condensed matter theory. It covers basic theoretical methods and their application to various problems of condensed matter physics, such as phases and broken symmetries, phonons in solids, Fermi surfaces, the interacting electron gas, and superconductivity. Throughout the class relations between experiments and theory will be emphasized. This course will provide students the basic knowledge to follow state-of-the-art research in condensed matter physics and to be able to start their independent research project in that field.

  1. Symmetries and structure of condensed matter
  2. Theory of phonons
  3. Neutron scattering, dynamical structure factor
  4. Fermi surface and transport
  5. Interacting electrons
  6. Superfluidity
  7. Disorder
The practical classes support the lectures with tutorials and problem sets.

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